MYP Curriculum

MYP Curriculum

MYP Curriculum

The MYP curriculum provides eight core subjects of study taught within the IB framework. This comprises of big organising ideas called key concepts, and supporting related concepts taught within a global context.

The MYP promotes the inquiry cycle in which students are encouraged to think, act and reflect on their learning.

Middle Years Programme: Grades 6-10
  • Language acquisition.
  • Language and literature.
  • Individuals and societies.
  • Sciences.
  • Mathematics.
  • Arts.
  • Physical and health education.
  • Design.

Interdisciplinary Planning

On a yearly basis MYP students are involved in collaboratively planned interdisciplinary unit involving two or more subject groups.

One example of this is where mathematics and English language and literature combine, exploring the development of mathematical symbols throughout history and the impact the legend mathematicians have had on people’s understanding of algebra.

Language and Literature

This discipline combines traditional aspects of English Langauge learning; reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar. Students also are exposed to many genres of literature to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the power of language and it’s many uses.


Design helps facilitate innovation and creativity, providing a platform to explore ideas within the boundaries/limits of products or systems. It encourages redifiining existing concepts through prototyping, testing and adjusting. Through the design cycle all students can achieve a competent level of this dicipline.


Physical health education encourages students to cultivate a healthy body-mind connection. Students are empowered through the knowledge and practice of physical activities and health education. They learn to enjoy being healthy, social and caring of the well-being of humanity

Individuals and Societies

This subject integrates humanities subjects; Geography, History, Economics, Business and Sociology. Students explore the challenges and opportunities presented in the world today. They are encouraged through inquiry, reflection and action to create new ways of thinking and solving problems.


The Arts, promote the expression of human imagination that engages and inspires its audience. The MYP encourages learners of arts to be curious; to devlop through creating and peforming; and express thoughts, feelings and expreriences.

Language Acquisition

The study of additional languages in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides students with the opportunity to develop insights into the features, processes and craft of language and the concept of culture, and to realize that there are diverse ways of living, viewing and behaving in the world.


Mathamatics in the MYP comprises of four branches; Numbers, Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry, Statistics & Probability. Students are taught the huge importance that maths has in todays  world, both within and accorss subjects, through practical application and relections.


MYP sciences use inquiry as the vehicle through which students investigate real-world issues, making connections between science and the relevant context in which it is used. Critical and creative thinking is nurtured to help the growth of novel ideas for existing challenges.