Clubs Activities DP

Clubs Activities DP

DP Students Co-Curricular Events at KAS

To develop mind and body, KAS DP students are encouraged all students to engage in varieties of co-curricular activities designed to engage them and enhance their life skills and complement learning.

Below are some examples of co-curricular activities at King Abdulaziz School:

Community service:

  • School community
  • Local community
  • International community

Experiential education:

  • Application & demonstration
  • KAS culture
  • Getting involved
  • Clubs & Societies
  • Local fairs & events

Outdoor adventures:

  • Excursions/Field Trips
  • Inter-school events
  • Games and hobbies

Education for citizenship:

  • Being a global citizen
  • Knowing & respecting rights
  • Acting responsibly

International mindedness:

  • Appreciating & celebrating own and other’s cultures and tradition around the world.