About MYP

About MYP

In Grades 6-10, our IB Middle Years Program (MYP), aims to shape the leaders of the future, who are internationally minded, lifelong learners, and who see the world as one community for which we are all responsible for.

We promote our students to think critically from different perspectives to solve issues that may have local, national or international implications. Our students stand out as knowledgeable, creative and reflective who value emotional, physical wellbeing of themselves and others.

What is MYP?

The MYP integrates an international curriculum framework that is uniquely adapted to the context and culture of our school, in line with our core values. There are 8 core subjects that are taught within broader organizing concepts and ideas, that help students to connect learning to real-life situations. In addition, content is taught within global contexts to give increased meaning to learning experiences. We aim to empower our learners by teaching them the skills of how to learn both implicitly and explicitly, called approaches to learning (ATL) skills. Finally, the MYP incorporates the 10 IB learner attributes to develop global-minded individuals who share the responsibility of looking after our planet, its inhabitants, and resources, with an ethos of peace and mutual respect for differences.

MYP Curriculum

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) develop active learners and internationally minded young people

Field Trips & Outreach

KAS students participate in field trips and/or outreach programs about 6 times per year.

Student Life

Clubs and activities are an important part of student’s life at KAS, in which we offer a wide choice of activities based on the interests of our students

The advantages of the MYP program:
  • Helps students of all abilities to flourish in their learning experiences with both in- class differentiation and out-of-class inclusion programs.
  • Consistently encourages the use of deeper levels of knowledge and thinking as shown in blooms taxonomy.
  • Subjects have interdisciplinary aspects, in which students use a combination of different disciplines to understand and overcome more complex concepts and challenges.
  • Students showcase their learning in the grade 10 independent project, where students choose an area of interest and are given a specific amount of time to produce innovative solutions and ideas, for global, national or local audiences.