Field Trips Outreach DP

Field Trips Outreach DP

DP Field Trips & Outreach

Tok at Kas

As Philosopher Dewey observed, learning cannot take place without reflection, the unique role of the theory of knowledge course in the DP. The core theme of TOK is Knowledge and the knower, and Areas of knowledge.

Tok & CAS Exhibitions

Theory of knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) effectively combines academic subjects with students’ experiential learning. It is a superb hybrid of personal and shared knowledge underpinning students’ contextual perspective.
The TOK assessment model consists of two assessment tasks: TOK Exhibition and TOK Essay.


understanding of yourself and others in
relation to each other and the surrounding
experiential side
enriches your experience
guiding and orienting reflection


encourages you to be capable of thinking
critically and finding meaning in your
thoughts, ideas and experience
theoretical side
enhances reflection
reflecting and evaluating own
critical thinking

TOK and CAS exhibitions are two focal and visible DP activities that is not only visible but shared experience across the IB continuum at King Abdulaziz School in Al Madinah. Students, Parents, Teachers, School leaders, and the wider community become actively involved in many aspects of the TOK and CAS exhibitions, to the mutual benefit of all.