SEN & Inclusion


SEN & Inclusion Programme

“Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers.” (Learning diversity and the IB Programmes: Special educational needs within the lnternational Baccalaureate Programmes, 2010:3)

In line with the IB Learning diversity and inclusion policy, the staff at King Abdulaziz School are committed to providing an inclusive education to all students. We strive to ensure that pupils with a learning difference have a positive learning experience and are supported in their learning. we recognize and respect that our students come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and levels of life experiences. The diversity of student backgrounds contributes to our school community and inspire teachers and students to be caring and open minded. Multiple teaching strategies are employed to differentiate instructions so that all students have equal access to the curriculum.

We treat pupils or prospective pupils with a learning difference, no less favourably than others. The school has the required support systems available to meet students’ needs both at the admissions level and the classroom level. To this end we work collaboratively with management, departments, teachers, pastoral, parents and pupils in supporting learning diversity.

The support services provided are:

  • Individual learning/education plans with strategies to support the learning environment of the pupil
  • Case conferences with teachers and administration regarding the individual needs of the pupil
  • Informal assessment
  • Individual or small group classes targeting specific learning differences within the classroom for inclusion
  • Behaviour management strategies and plans
  • Educational assessments
  • Access arrangements for exams