Language Policy


PYP Language Policy

Languages are essential tools for both teaching and learning. Our aim is to allow students to think and express themselves with confidence in two or more languages. To achieve this, we allow them to experience language in different settings in and out of the classroom which fosters positive emotions towards languages other than their own, without ever neglecting the importance and values of their mother tongues.

Here at King Abdulaziz School, we believe in the implementation and continuous upgrading of a balanced language curriculum-oral, written, visual-as described in our language scope and sequence. We believe all teachers are language teachers, who promote the development of learner’ communicative skills.

King Abdulaziz School has its own language policy in detail which is shared with all faculty and parents. We review the language policy on a yearly basis.


MYP Language Policy

The King Abdulaziz School Language Programme is designed to assist students in acquiring and refining the linguistic skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. This goal is achieved by employing the MYP Language Aims and Objectives. Students are encouraged to use written language in a myriad of contexts as a means for expressing themselves powerfully, purposefully and creatively while reflecting on their learning and their lives, as well as connecting with the world. All International Baccalaureate students are encouraged to embody the Learner Profile to become lifelong learners who realize that they have a role in creating a better and more peaceful world. In all classes, students read, speak, write, listen, and view in a variety of ways and for a number of purposes. Utilizing the inquiry-based approach of the MYP curriculum framework, students explore language and become communicators in a multilingual world.


Instruction and Assessment in Language and Literature Beliefs and Practices:

By participating in language instruction, students explore the fundamental concepts of analysing text, organising text, producing text, and using language with the purpose of communicating, learning holistically and promoting intercultural awareness.

Within the Middle Years Programme, students will read a variety of texts including narrative, informational, and argumentative. Through reading instruction, students will locate, evaluate, and synthesize information in order to create new knowledge. Another critical aspect of King Abdulaziz School language instruction is the acquisition and application of listening and speaking skills in order to enhance comprehension and communication.

In order to provide students with an authentic and diverse language and literature learning experience, teachers will:

  • Use the MYP aims and objectives as best practice
  • Instruct with Reading/Writing methodologies where appropriate
  • Facilitate reading in all subject areas
  • Provide cross-curricular connections between texts when available
  • Utilize a variety of texts and media including global works and perspectives
  • Group students based on interest, ability, and data
  • Use formative assessments to drive instruction
  • Design reading/writing instruction with authentic summative assessments
  • Provide opportunities for students to take action within the larger community
  • Focus on multiple learning experiences
  • Provide opportunities to increase intercultural awareness through language instruction


Language of Instruction

King Abdulaziz School is a bilingual school where English and Arabic Languages are the languages of instruction. Since King Abdulaziz School implements the IB PYP and MYP, all students will be provided with practices that ensure inclusion and equity.

The primary language of instruction for King Abdulaziz School is English. Through school-wide direct instruction, students develop the fluency and literacy skills necessary to ensure their ability to communicate effectively.

Review of the language policy:

The language policy at King Abdulaziz School will be reviewed on an annual basis.