Admission Policy


The Admission Policy

 General Admission Rules:

– King Abdulaziz School offers placement to a diversity of students whose parents are seeking an international educational school for their children.

– In KG – Grade 8, the language of instruction is English; Arabic is given as an additional language.

-KAS adheres to the Ministry of Education regulations regarding admission, promotion, retention and termination.

– Admission into KAS and placement in classes are based on successful completion of all application procedures, submission of all required documents and successful completion of entrance exams and interview. Students are admitted on the basis of the placement exam results, interview and the availability of places.

– KAS shall only consider a student for admission after receiving all required documents and fees.  Late submissions are only possible if places remain available. In such cases, it is on a first come first served basis as long as entrance exams have been successfully completed to the school standards.

– Official documents for newly-enrolled students should be directly submitted to the registrar’s office.

– Admission into KAS KG is based on an interview and a short assessment which includes language basic skills, Maths skills as well as fine motor skills.

– All applicants (Grade 1 – Grade 8) have to sit for entrance exams in Maths, English, and Arabic.

– Preferential admission is for siblings, yet places are dependent on availability. KAS has the right to close admissions when a class is full.

– Currently KAS does not cater for students with special needs, but will consider accommodating them when we have specialists who can address the needs of this category of students.

– KAS reserves the right not to reveal reasons for non-acceptance to parents/guardians.

-KAS reserves the right to keep the results of tests and interviews confidential to school; not to be disclosed to parents/guardians.

-Parents will receive acceptance confirmation via phone.

– Once a student is accepted at KAS, the placement of students in classes is left to the discretion of the school.

– Upon acceptance, parents have to pay the amount of 2000 Saudi Rials to reserve a seat for the next academic year. This amount is part of the total fees which need to be paid one week before the start of the academic year.


Admission Criteria:

  • KAS students are given preference for admission.
  • Priority order of acceptance of new students is as follows:
  • Results of entrance exams.
  • Applicants who are sibling(s) of students attending KAS.
  • Availability of seats.




The Acceptance Procedures:


Preschool –KG2/KG3: 3-5 years old

  • Potential students and their guardians will be interviewed by the Registrar or the Counsellor.
  • Students are accepted in Pre-school after they have been screened for their verbal communication skills.
  • Students should demonstrate the ability to communicate in at least one language; expressing themselves, naming simple objects and retelling events in a sequence. Basic Maths skills and fine motor skills are taken into consideration for applicants.


Elementary: Grades 1-5/Middle School: 6-8

  • Potential students and their guardians will be interviewed by the School Registrar and Counselor.
  • Applicants should sit for entrance exams in three core subjects: English, Arabic and Maths. These entrance exams are prepared by subject coordinators. The questions are based on the school curriculum and are skills- based.
  • If the applicant passes in the three subjects, then he can proceed with the registration.
  • If the applicant fails two or more subjects, then he will not be admitted to KAS.
  • If the applicant passes 2 subjects and fails one, then the applicant will be granted conditional acceptance where he should meet the conditions set forth by the school.
  • The applicant’s progress in the subject he failed will be monitored throughout the year.
  • If in doubt that the student has learning difficulties during the interview process, the student will be transferred to the Special Needs Specialist for further evaluation.


The Registration Procedures:

Once the student is accepted, an application form should be collected personally from the registrar’s office and filled in. The following documents are to be attached to the application form:

  • Two recent photographs.
  • Passport copy.
  • Copy of student’s and parents’/guardian’s passports.
  • Copy of applicant’s and parent’s residency visa for non-Saudis.
  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate and vaccination card.
  • Transfer letter from previous school (Grade 1 and above) clearly stat­ing the Grade and academic year that the student has success­fully completed and clearly stating the Grade and academic year that he has been promoted to.
  • Previous school report card.

Parents who wish to register their child in Grade 1 have to register him on MOE “Noor” system and then inform the school administration.