MYP Homework Policy


The Homework Policy
Homework is a necessary adjunct to classroom teaching, and all students can expect to receive homework on a regular basis. Homework is intended to reinforce work covered in class and to help students develop important habits of self-discipline, organization and self-reliance.
Homework assignments are given to prepare students for the next day’s lesson or to offer students the opportunity to practice newly-acquired skills. Homework assignments are developed in keeping with the IB MYP framework and serve an important purpose in developing students’ ATL skills and personal responsibility within the IB MYP and beyond.
MYP assignments such as reports and projects take many weeks of careful planning and good organization on the part of the student.
The amount of homework given will vary across the school; as a general rule, Grade 6 (MYP1) students can expect approximately 5-7 hours of homework each week, Grade 7 (MYP2) students 6-8 hours and Grade 8 (MYP3) students 8-10 hours; and Grades 9 and 10 (MYP4 and 5) can expect up to 15 hours. The school does not operate a strict homework timetable for students but does offer a suggested schedule that students can use to allocate time to their work.
In line with our policy of fostering independent learning and striving to develop the dispositions of the IB Learner Profile, we promote a collaborative approach to the setting of homework, through which teachers will plan homework schedules at regular curriculum planning meetings and will, as appropriate, involve students in the setting of deadlines. Students are responsible for organizing their time appropriately to manage long-term projects and communicating with their teachers when problems arise.
Parents are encouraged to assist in monitoring student progress toward the completion of the assignments but should not do the students’ work for them. Parents can be most helpful to their children by providing a routine time and a place that is conducive to undisturbed study. Students can seek help in developing more effective study skills from their teachers, counselors and the learning support department.
It can be assumed that students will always be required to be reading set texts in preparation for lessons and reading around all of their subjects as a matter of course. Students are also expected to proofread all written tasks. Getting work done on time requires careful planning, organization, determination and self-discipline. These qualities are important in the later working-careers of students and in their personal lives. To promote the habit of punctuality, our policy is as follows:
• Teachers clearly communicate to students the guidelines, expectations and use of criteria for homework or coursework;
• School breaks and vacations are recovery periods for students. In Grade 10 (MYP5), students will not receive vacation homework, as they are expected to be working on their Personal Projects;
• Students are responsible for finding out about any and all missed assignments when they have been absent from lessons. All missing assignments must be made up. Assignments due during an absence should be submitted during the first lesson upon return. Any work assigned during an absence is due on the regular due date unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher;
• If a student is present in class when a test or quiz is announced, the student is expected to take
the test or quiz on the day of his or her return to school, if the teacher wishes. Special arrangements for exams will only occur due to sickness (accompanied with a doctor’s certificate) or bereavement;
• Any assignments due the day of a field trip must be submitted prior to the field trip, curricular or extra-curricular activity.