Library/Media Centre


The KAS library/media Centre is committed to, and fully supports, the IB programme that has been implemented throughout the school. We offer full support to teachers and staff with the effective and efficient delivery of the PYP, MYP and IB Diploma curriculum. We provide students with supportive and enhancing material aligned with their Units of Inquiry or Areas of Interaction, and materials that promote advanced levels of reading and essay writing. Our goal is to make learning through inquiry fun, wholesome, creative and integrated in a multicultural presentation and setting. We not only advocate and encourage reading for serious academic research but also for pleasure.
A list of resources is presented in a user-friendly, easy-to-access library web-based programme that can be accessed from home or anywhere there is internet connection.

The library page on the school site provides easy and quick links to many topics. These include:

  • Links to Saudi online libraries.
  • Links to online libraries to help students for research especially at MYP and DP level.

Our School library/media Centre and instructional classes are supervised and led by a certified IB teachers and a librarian. Each elementary class visits our library once a week for a reading class. Library classes are meant to be fun and inviting in order to promote and encourage students to have a passion for reading. Reading classes include story time and teach children to locate books in the library, check in, check out and renew books, understand and compare the different genres and types of books, and use library facilities and resources effectively and be effective and responsible users of information.