King Abdulaziz School Counselling

Our school counsellors are always available to help and support students. It is our mission to help and support the school learning environment and assist all students in achieving academic, social and emotional success. With the support of the school counsellors, students will acquire the knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes that contribute to life-long learning. Through a series of regular awareness programmes, students are provided with opportunities to participate in different committees under the supervision of the school counsellors.

  1. Counseling:

The school counselors schedule individual conferences with each student upon student, parent, or teacher request throughout the year. At these meetings, the counselors check on the well-being of the student with regard to his personal, academic, social, and emotional transitions, successes, accomplishments, considerations, and concerns.

  1. Academic Advising:

The school counselors monitor the student’s academic progress each quarter and semester in keeping with the student’s goals and school expectations. Progress reports from teachers are reviewed and a plan is coordinated for additional assistance outside of school if needed.

  1. Parent Conferences

Counselors schedule conferences as requested by the parent, teacher, student, or counselor. These conferences serve to illuminate problems and challenges to the academic progress and success of the student in a particular course. Suggestions are given for improvement and questions are answered regarding the student’s or parents’ concerns. Parents are also invited to contact their student’s counselor if they feel the need to review the student’s academic progress, plan, and goals, discuss any concerns, answer any questions, and to bring any information to the attention of the counselor that the parent deems relevant.