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The School Mission Statement

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King Abdulaziz School strives to cultivate international educational experiences that prepare active and lifelong learners. KAS aims at providing stimulating academic programmes supported by rigorous assessment implemented through an inquiry-based, caring learning environment.

Learners are equipped with the skills they require to reach their full potential and become responsible global citizens.

KAS prepares students to be open to other perspectives, values and traditions whilst recognizing their own identity and taking pride in their cultural heritage.

The School Philosophy

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King Abdulaziz School believes that the aim of education is to foster the development of the child as a whole person. We believe students should be encouraged to think critically, creatively and become autonomous learners, and exploit their academic and personal potential. We want students to be productive in their lives, to appreciate and respect different cultures and feel responsible to serve their own country and the world at large.

We believe learners bring their own strengths and uniqueness to the classroom. Our teachers strive to cultivate learning partnerships with our learners.  Teaching is not about instructing or imparting information to learners as if their minds are waiting to be filled with information. Rather, we believe that teaching is about empowering learners to take responsibility for their learning, inspiring courage to grow intellectually, cultivating curiosity, providing opportunities for developing relationships, clarifying values, uplifting the spirit and igniting action.

Rigorous assessments are essential in all aspects of teaching and learning. Assessing aims to discover what our learners know and have learned at different stages in the learning process. We believe that effective assessments cover the five essential elements of learning; the acquisition of knowledge, understanding of concepts, the mastering of skills, the development of attitudes and encouraging the initiative to take action. Effective assessments allow learners to share their understanding with others by using a variety of ways, based on their learning styles, abilities and multiple intelligences. Moreover effective assessments enable learners to base their learning on real-life experiences that can lead to further inquiries.

A thorough education includes the development of the qualities of compassion, tolerance, respect for the rights and cultures of all people, the skills for the peaceful resolution of conflict, and the development of environmental responsibility. Our school aims to prepare young minds in becoming leaders, who meet the global challenges of the 21st century and grow to become international minded individuals that push for positive change in the world.

Our school fosters an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourages intellectual inquiry and critical thinking and our classrooms aim to achieve a holistic environment that nurtures the whole student.

Our vision is

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“To inspire the individual potential of all students and enable them to become principled, proficient, inquiring, and caring lifelong learners.”

In pursuit of this vision, the school believes in a balanced developmental approach towards each child which is spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical. It is the school’s firm belief that together we can Make a Difference

Officially, King Abdulaziz School is an authorized IB PYP School and a candidate of the IB Middle Years Programme.

About School

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King Abdulaziz School was established in 2013 as a boys’ School, after we identified a real need to offer a broader international curriculum to our students. King Abdulaziz School strives to cultivate dynamic educational experiences that prepare students for life. The campus comprises purpose built, fully equipped school premises which provide state of the art facilities.